The Left Handed Study

I retired from corporate life in 2013. Since then I have been writing fiction, practicing my new craft. On March 23, 2015 my first published story came out, see synopsis below. If you want to learn more visit and type in The Left Handed Study or my last name, Hartkopf.

Good reading…

The note on the door told Matt the study was over. As he heads home, dejected, there’s a man in the shadows following close behind. Unaware of the threats closing in on him and his girlfriend, April, Matt is haunted by his strange experiences at the study. Looking for answers, he seeks advice from April’s dying father and his friend, a hard-baked San Francisco Detective.

As Matt and the detective search for the truth, April searches for money and excitement until she finds herself in a hotel room with her friend, the escort, and a strange man. Trapped in a web of lies, no one suspects that one man is behind the deception. That man is an elusive CIA trained killer named Sabir.

 Nothing is quite as it seems…then the first shot rings out.